Zhejiang Innovation Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the most professional manufacturers of precision laser welding equipment in China.With a registered capital of 50 million yuan and a professional technical team of more than 80 people, the company is one of the few dedicated laser welding suppliers in China.The company introduces the international advanced technology and the American laser company strategic cooperation, and has a complete optical, mechanical, software and process research and development team, has more than 20 domestic and foreign patents.It has established long-term cooperative relations with domestic famous universities, research institutes and related enterprises, providing strong technical support and guarantee for the development of the company.
At present, there are nearly 1000 sets of Innovation laser equipment in the market, and more than 20 offices are distributed all over China. There are more than 10 foreign customers using Innovation laser equipment, and a strong after-sales service team is equipped to ensure the normal maintenance of the equipment.

Innovative laser based on the strong technical force, excellent product quality as the guarantee, take the market demand as the guide, to serve the customer as the purport, providing customers with a set of laser technology solutions and related supporting facilities, the main products include: laser welding machine series, the series laser marking machine, laser processing, and other series of dozens of laser equipment and its supporting products.
Widely used in household appliances, kitchen and bathroom, precision board gold, IT manufacturing, electronic circuit, instrument and meter, computer manufacturing, mobile phone communication, auto parts, secret instruments, hardware tools, building materials, jewelry, crafts gifts, jewelry, pharmaceutical packaging and other industries.