As one of the most professional manufacturers of precision laser welding equipment in China, Innovation Laser Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of capital and a professional technical team to assist the company's technical guarantee and development support. Up to now, the company has formed a long-term strategic cooperative relationship with many famous domestic universities, research companies, and related enterprises.

In recent years, domestic and foreign research teams have continuously explored and studied the most suitable process parameters from the perspectives of laser movement and heat source combination and improved the technology of multiple laser welding methods. Laser welding research is not just about the appearance but through high-speed cameras. Modern characterization methods such as spectral analysis, etc. study the process characteristics of welding and try to explore the formation mechanism of weld defects. On the other hand, the internal changes of laser welding are more complicated. Each research team tried to apply external energy such as magnetic field, multi-arc and electric field to the laser welding process, focusing on the improvement of weld defects, improving its mechanical properties, and welding. quality. 

From the initial heat conduction laser welding to the current multi-field coupling laser welding research, laser welding has continuously expanded the application fields of lasers. The innovation of lasers is also constantly being carried out and has gradually become the development trend of new lasers. The following picture lists some of our company’s partners. With the continuous breakthrough and innovation of new laser equipment, the application fields of laser welding technology will continue to be applied to more material processing terminal fields.