Innovative laser integrates R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, and service; The company's equipment stood out with its strong technical force and became the first national high-tech enterprise in China with professional robotic laser welding as its main business; All products have passed the 3C certification and obtained the export product quality license; More than 20 offices are distributed throughout the country, and a complete after-sales service system;


In recent years, with the rapid development of laser welding technology, laser welding machines have become the darling of industrial development in the new era. They are valued by various large and medium-sized enterprises in the industrial industry all over the world. New laser welding technology has been used in machinery, electronics, food, and medicine. The application of laser welding technology in other fields has been very extensive. 


Compared with traditional welding technology, laser welding technology has advantages not only in the loss of materials but also in the effect of laser welding. It also has advantages in the efficiency of production and processing and the output of production and processing. Nothing is too late. Some handheld laser welding machines that continue to innovate, develop and apply are even more unmatched by welding technology. 


The hand-held laser welding machine has been successfully developed, and its weight is only less than 150 kg. It is reliable-maintenance-free, long life, simple to operate. It can be used by ordinary workers within 3 hours of training. The welding is stable and the weld seam is beautiful.

Value Added Services

To enable customers to have a better experience and perfect after-sales service, customers can contact us if they have any questions during the use of the product. Our company provides free domestic delivery, installation, and commissioning services.


Our company provides free equipment operation training, for the first time customers can understand and use the machine more quickly, and maximize the value of our company's products. Any one of our company's products purchased by customers will provide one year of free equipment maintenance.


Nationwide warranty, maintenance service is provided for life. In addition, customers enjoy lifetime free software upgrade services. Our company's service response time is within 24 hours. If you have any questions feel free to consult us.


We can provide different discounts according to your order quantity. For regular customers who have repurchased many times, we provide different degrees of preferential treatment and services.


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